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Slow Motion Dreams

I’ve been having slow motion dreams. No this isn’t some sycophantic post about Christopher Nolan’s Inception, in fact it has nothing to do with Inception. It’s all about an idea that was planted in my mind a while back, and the dream world that manifested from this idea colliding with reality… honestly you couldn’t write this stuff.

The Dream

So for quite some time now I’ve been thinking of having a RED day. A day in which I book out a RED Epic camera with a couple of other camera enthusiasts and just go nuts. And while it’s no phantom flex, the footage that comes out this thing is just stunning. But to be honest I’d probably then want an OMCOPTER, and I’m not quite sure the insurance would cover me if I had to explain what the RED camera was even doing 151m up in the air. And even if I did get away with it I’d always regret not having booked out two RED’s so I could have filmed the first one hit the ground in full 5k glory.

The Reality

Unfortunately, the only thing that will come crashing to the ground in the near future is reality, for the best I can achieve if I still want HD is 60FPS. However there may still be a glimmer of hope in the form of Twixtor, an After Effects Plug-in that can digitally add frames in post. Now most of the time people end up with videos that aren’t really slow motion at all and are just really badly warped together frames.

But from time to time they get it just right. And if I do anything this summer it’s going to be to master Twixtor because there’s something that those folk putting stupid HUD displays or fake rain and time-lapse clouds seem to have forgotten: when you get Twixtor right, you don’t need anything else (not even a fancy camera).

Shot on a 60D

Shot on a 70D

Shot on a GoPro

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