Rome | A Virtual Tour | MotionBlurr Studios

Rome | A Virtual Tour

Across 200 minutes worth of content, we take viewers on a tour of modern day Rome and look back the city at the height of the empire. Shot entirely in 4K and utilising a 360 camera for interactive experiences we also made use of the largest, most detailed, historically accurate and award-winning, 3D digital model of this awe-inspiring city to really give viewers an experience to remember.

For this course, we took a slightly different approach to the traditional course. We captured a wide variety of supporting footage and planned carefully how each video would feed into the next, and how the content would transition smoothly between the three global locations in the course.

Here we made the decision to follow the presenter through the streets and alleys of Rome with a moving camera, as he guides the viewer through the city’s historical architecture, introducing every additional expert visibly on camera. The key element of the digital model required coordination to match which areas we were captured on location so that we could intercut this in the edit with digital facsimiles of the archaeological remains.

With all of these diverse elements, we were able to produce videos with an increased running time presented as chapters, lending greater depth into the material and a prestigious look received enthusiastically by the learners on the course.

Categories: Documentary, Educational