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The Idea

MotionBlurr Studios is a film studio for the modern age. Based in the heart of Pinewood Studios, we are a nomadic production hub where creative artists come together to produce striking new work.

Just like a traditional movie studio, MotionBlurr is modular in design. Led by one of our award-winning directors, we put a team together for your film, drawing from a collective of artists with unique talents: cinematographers, animators, make-up artists, and composers. Our distinctive position on the lot gives us access to everything your production will need.

The equipment we use too is modular, from state-of-the-art 4K cameras to the latest in cutting-edge audio, we have access to a wealth of tools that means we can create a package to suit any budget.

This kind of flexibility gives us the power and versatility of a traditional studio, but with the mobility of a modern company. It’s a contemporary format, but it comes from the rich history of the cinema studio system. We still have sound stages and editing suites, but now they’re portable and mobile – ready to adapt to each and every project.

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Famous for the ferocious and well documented film that took the world by storm.

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